Validate & Evaluate Your Idea

We will not share this information with any third parties. Please fill the information very carefully otherwise your score will not be accurate.

If you don't have one, just invent a name right now
No more than one paragraph.
Explain each member with details. Team is the most important one
Your idea should be focused on solving a specific problem, a real problem
How will you make money? In what ways?
The first groups of people that will use and/or pay for your services. Your early adopters
You already have competitors. If you think you don't have, you do, research more, even if they aren't directly your competitors, list them.
Why should I use your service instead of one of your competitors?
All costs that you will have like HR, Development, Marketing budget, Maintenance, Office rent and expenses, and many more.
What is your target market? e.g. university students. What are your segments of customers?
Who will have how many shares in your company?