Postgraduate Diploma in Trauma & PTSD

20 Jan, 09:45 To 02 Dec 2018, 17:30

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This accredited training course (NCP) will enable participants to work effectively with all kinds of trauma & PTSD. The course contains lots of practicals combined with robust and varied theory.

This Postgraduate Diploma (PG Dip) course is designed to be different from others. First-hand experience, as well as feedback from colleagues and supervisees, led Lucia Hall to write a course that would give participants the training necessary to implement a systematic, evidence-based treatment approach for diverse forms of trauma, especially complex traumas.

Other courses tend to give a lot of theory from diverse trauma approaches, but leave participants without a clear idea of how to go about implementing a coherent treatment process. This course will provide participants with clear, comprehensive and systematic procedures to effectively assess and treat trauma clients, while still allowing the therapist plenty of scope for flexibility.

The course also includes two days on treating trauma in children, utilising an approach recognised throughout the world.

The effective treatment of complex trauma is inherently integrative; as complex trauma is different from normal counselling or psychotherapy, it requires a separate approach. The process learned on this course can be used by practitioners trained in different counselling and psychotherapy models.

This course also incorporates monthly group supervision to enhance your learning process.

Course Structure: 20 days over 11 weekends, one weekend each month for 12 months (not in August).

Course content:

  • PTSD: Introduction to a Systematic Treatment Approach.

  • Definition, Diagnosis of Complex PTSD.

  • Attachment and Trauma.

  • Assessment & Formulation of Complex PTSD.

  • Safety, Stabilisation & Normalisation of Complex PTSD.

  • The Neuroscience, Dissociation and the Psychopharmacology of PTSD.

  • Emotion Regulation.

  • An Evidence-Based Treatment for Type I PTSD.

  • An Imagery Approach for Treating Complex Type II PTSD.

  • Cognitive Processing Therapy for Trauma.

  • Trauma and Comorbidities: Nightmares, Depression, Suicide Ideation.

  • Other Approaches and Working with Specific Populations.

  • Trauma and Children: KIDNET.

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Price: Course Fee including Supervision: GBP 3980.00.

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