WFTGA 2017

28 Jan 2017, 08:00To 13:00 in Tehran, Iran


2017-01-28 2017-01-28 Asia/Tehran WFTGA 2017 Yay, EventBox! :) Tehran, Iran IFTGA (IRAN FEDERATION OF TOURIST GUIDE ASSOCIATION)

Aiming at standardizing and improving their job status, the representatives of world tourist guides gathered together for the first time in 1985; they set up a non-profit and non-political organisation regardless of any religious and racial tendencies. Due to the fact that tourist guides are the first and sometimes the only sources to introduce the host country, they can be called the cultural ambassadors of their countries whose professional competence is of great importance; holding up-to-date training courses and providing opportunities for establishing relationships and exchanging information is, therefore, the way by which the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA) attempts to achieve this goal. According to the official rules and processes of the federation, all world tourist guides’ representatives from both member and non-member countries gather together at the world convention of tourist guides in one of the member countries biannually.

The General Assembly elects the Executive Board simultaneous with surveying the pre-determined issues. Moreover, each convention is an ideal opportunity for the host country to introduce its tourism attractions to the whole world; thus, member countries try desperately to contest the biannual election. On the other hand, the host country puts effort into inviting as many guests as possible and provides them with charming plans all on pre-tours, post tours and during the convention itself. Being elected as the Host Country for 2017 Convention, Iran set about its task with determination since June 2015. With the aim of familiarizing foreigners with the country’s tourism capacity and ameliorating its image worldwide, several committees and campaigns were appointed. All in all, Iranians should be apprised of the forthcoming event and cooperate with tourist guides nationwide to celebrate their country’s impressive accomplishments in the future.

16 conventions have been held since 1985 and Iran, the country of Friendly Faces, Open Arms, Ancient Cultures and Timeless Charms is elected as the Host Country for the upcoming Convention in 2017. Before nominating for hosting 2017 convention, Ms. Felicitas Wressnig, the WFTGA President of Executive Board, and MS Ruby Roy, the WFTGA Vice President, were invited to attend separately for the 7th and 8th national gathering of tourist guides in Kerman and Khorasan, the most crowded national gatherings, and be directly familiar with Iran tourism attractions. The 8th gathering was preceded by Iran’s attendance in Prague. Introducing the country by the Iranian delegation to the 16th Convention, they negotiated with member countries. Consequently, Iran won out the election over Denmark and Singapore by 18 votes.


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Tourist guides are known as representatives of tourism industry by carrying out crucial task. Their mission is to satisfy and meet the needs of every visitor or traveler. In fact, the link between the industry and travelers is shaped through a tourist guide. Iranian tourist guides in addition to fulfil their duties and responsibilities, try to devote their efforts in line with tourism development. To develop tourism industry, cultural activities are carrying out such as organizing International Tourist Guide Day for eight times which takes place on 21 February (ITGD) each year and supported by IFTGA. In this year 9th Convention of Iranian Tourist guides took place in Isfahan” Half of the World” thanks to 8 years of IFTGA’s experience of holding ITGD ceremony. In fact, these accomplishments could not be achieved without the unity of Iranian Tourist guides.

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